Brighter than the SUN.

New Ultra-Flashlight-Technology

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Ultra Vision Pro - Developed by the military

The Ultra Vision Pro is one of the brightest flashlights on the market. With up to 12000 lumens, it manages to bundle an incredible light intensity. Initially developed for the military, it is now available to EVERYONE.

The terrain in which it feels comfortable.

No matter what! Heavy rain & snow are no problem at all for the Ultra Vision PRO. On the contrary, it felt comfortable in this terrain and was developed especially for these extreme conditions.

The flashlight, developed by the military, convinces has a long lifespan which is important in this extreme conditions.

Get to know the Ultra Vision PRO

The durable design, high lumen, and innovative features make it a perfect flashlight for the dark season.

  • 100% waterproof

    Heavy rain & snow are no problem at all. It even withstands an underwater test. 

  • Robust aluminum housing

    It Is designed for the most extreme conditions.

  • Powerful with 12000 lumen

    The adjustable zoom and new-flashlight technology gives you a wide field of view.

  • Diffrent Modes

    Bring light into the dark, keep animals away from you or use the SOS functions in emergencies.

Why Ultra Vision PRO?

The bundled luminosity, which resembles a headlamp, makes the Ultra Vision PRO, with 12.000 lumen the most popular flashlight on the worldwide market.
More Security

Customers keep telling us that the Ultra Vision PRO gives them more security. This is due to its SOS-Function and its bright luminosity.

Perfect for Outdoor

Designed for outdoor activities like hunting, climbing, fishing, camping, hiking, walking dogs, and many other activities.

With USB-Charger

Of course, it comes with a USB charging cable and can now be charged from anywhere & anytime. Battery run time is between 60-90 minutes depending on which mode is used.

What customers say

More than 13.000 satisfied customers from the US.

This is precisely what I was looking for. I will not give it back :D! Ultra Vision PRO makes your life easier and gives me more security.  Just a pity that I did not come across it earlier...

Unbelievable how bright the flashlight accompanies me when I go for a walk in the evening. I have never experienced anything like this before! Thanks a lot :)

I am enthusiastic about this product. The price-performance ratio is perfect, so that I will recommend it! Ideal for trips and camping